Java Persistence 2.1 Training Course


Possible training language: English, German

The training is a solid introduction to Java Persistence. It explains most features and provides the participant with a good knowledge of Java Persistence concepts. After the training the student is ready to develop Java Persistence based applications, is aware of common pitfalls and has a general knowledge about architecture.

The training covers 3 days and includes a large number of practical labs including a complete prototype web application.

Your trainer is Sebastian Hennebrueder.

How to book?

Contact me for a training in Frankfurt/Germany or an onsite trainings in your office.

Duration 3 days – 18 hours

Price net 1725 EUR, Price incl. VAT 2052.85 EUR

Target Customer

Java developers who have limited or no experience with Java Persistence needing a complete and solid training. Java knowledge and experience with JDBC based application is required.

Provided material

Printed copy of slides

eBook Java Persistence Developer Guide (Author Sebastian Hennebrueder)

Table of Content

Day One

1 Introduction

2 Mapping of properties

3 Understanding Fundamental Concepts – State of objects

4 Working with Objects

5 Configuration

6 Relations

Day Two

7 Querying

8 Understanding Fundamental Concepts – Lazy loading

9 Inheritance

10 Understanding Fundamental Concepts – Persistence Context

11 Transaction and Exception handling

12 Concurrent Access

Day Three

13 Bean Validation

14 Architecture

15 Testing

16 Writing a prototype application

Practical session where the student completes a full web application applying a number of best practices and design pattern he has learned during the training